5148 UEMS | Malaysia


RM 0.385 on: 2021-07-27

0% Past 1-day return
-2.53% Past 5-day return

Losing Money Midcap Government Linked Companies Real Estate Development

Price/Valuation Analysis
Current Price Status
  • Stock is Shooting to the Moon

    Stock is over-priced on the upper end by the market with the expectation of annual earning growth at 487.2% to match current price.

    Stock in booming mode can be traded very volatile, price can swing largely day-to-day. While having big upside potential, the downside risk can be huge if the stock is not meeting the market expectation.

  • Company is not in Profit
Fair Value
  • UEMS current price is INF% above OneDelta estimated fair value.
  • The fair value is estimated via OneDelta proprietary model that updated daily basis based on stock fundamental and specific industry relative marco outlook. It can be assessed as stock potential upside range or the stock true value price in case of downside.

Relative Price Performance
  • Underperformed
    UEMS past 5-day return lagged behind the Real Estate Development industry average return by 3.18%
  • Below 30-Day Average
    Current price RM0.385 is below 30-day average RM0.4 by 3.9%

Return (%) UEMS Real Estate Development
1-Day0% -0.5%
5-Day-2.53% +0.65%
30-Day-8.33% -3.46%
Bank Analyst Price Targets
RM 0.43
RM 0.55
Revenue & Earning Growth Analysis
  • Recent Positive Revenue Growth

    UEMS managed to achieve better revenue growth for past 2 quarters by average +138%.

  • Continued Losing Money

    UEMS has been losing money in the 4 of the past 5 quarters.

Past Quarter Reports
Quarter Date Revenue (RM) (%) EPS (RM) (%)
2020-12-31 611,635k +181% -0.0266 0%
2020-09-30 217,435k +94% -0.0064 0%
2020-06-30 111,957k -43% -0.0206 0%
2020-03-31 195,854k -83% -0.0048 0%
2019-12-31 1,162,029k +255% 0.0278 +363%
Volume Trend Analysis
  • Recent Volume is Decreasing

    Decreasing trading volume tends to keep stock price range bound in near term.

  • UEMS recent daily traded volume is -23.53% lower than past month average.

Past 30-Day Past 5-Day
17k daily13k daily
Price History Chart
Past 30-day Average Price: RM0.4
Stock Fundamental Factors

Fundamental factor characteristics help us understand and expect how the stock price will behave in short and long term.

Stock Thematic Baskets

Usually the more the stock is included in popular themes, the more opportunity for price-driven momentum and better liquidity.