• 2020-07-25
  • Forex/Commodities
I thought gold suppose to be a hedge when equity market going down and gold is going up, right now both going up? What’s going on?

Gold’s ‘Freight Train’ Rally Continues With Sights Set on Record 


    • Warren
    • Same with 2009-2012
    • 2020-08-09
    It's all because of the crazy money pumping from US Fed... market is expecting Fed to continue full force QE for at least two-year, in that case, money keep becoming cheaper, and inflation will r...

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    • 2020-07-26
    • Forex/Commodities
    With the relentless QE, looks like many people on the street and also industrial experts are looking to a substantial lower USD in near term. US is not the only economy doing such big QE, Euro and Japan are doing the same, why USD is the only one declining while Euro and JPY are supportive?

    Dollar Is Losing Its Luster With Investors Lining Up to Go Short